How to launch Paint App and Crop images

What you need:



How to launch Paint App on your computer:

Click the Window Search Icon on the lower left hand side (LHS).

  1. Type Paint it would bring up this screen.
  2. Click Paint App to open the App.

How to Paste and Crop Images on Paint App:

  1. Go to your internet browser (MS EDGE or Chrome).
  2. Type
  3. Type
  4. Press the Enter key

It would bring you to this screen

Note: There’s a link in Red to purchase the book at the top.

  1. Right Click the image
  2. Click on Copy image

On your Taskbar below the screen, click on the Paint App to open the app below.

  1. Click the Paste icon
  2. Click the Crop icon
  3. Then drag the crop icon over the area you want to copy
  4. Click the Crop icon again
  5. Click Save icon to open the Save menu

Search for Pictures under Organize and select Pictures folder

  1. Type the name of the image you’re about to Save
  2. Click Save

You’re now done!



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