The universe or cosmos is the name use to describe the collection of all matter, energy and space that exists.

How the universe was created is not fully understood. Most scientists
believe that it was created 15,000 million years ago with an unimaginably violent explosion known as the BIG BANG. This discovery is called the BIG BANG THEORY.

Each planet is documented on individual tabs as seen at the top menu. With a click on these planets you will have a description and more detailed information about the planet.

Astronomers has continued to research planets, naming them, and observing their changes through thousands of years. Today, NASA is one of the key partners in the pursuit of ancient knowledge about the universe.

The scientific goals behind Astrophysics are breathtaking. We continue to seek for understanding of the universe and our place in it. Its the study of the full history of stars, galaxies and planets.

NASA’s goal in Astrophysics is to discover how the universe works, explore how the universe began and developed into its present form, and search for Earth-like planets.

Facts on planets consist of statistical information for each planets in our universe. From this chart we can tell the distance of each planet from the sun, its diameter and how long it takes to orbit the moon.

Stars are grouped together in vast collections called galaxies. Each galaxy contains billions of stars. Galaxies are themselves generally grouped together. These galaxies forms the solar system which is made up of tiny particles such as glittering light beams, particles of debris, meteoroids and solid compounds such as hail stones formed from condense humidified vapors. Reflection of sunlight on these particles create sparkling lights. Shooting stars can be seen can be observe during full moon bouncing from one position to another. The solar system contains about 30 galaxies and stretches across five millions light years.

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