Due to the increased number of industrial plants, pollution from cars, trucks, ships etc, are one of the main factors affecting global changing climates today. Ever since the creation of the Earth, the climate changes due to seasonal weather, where the temperatures fluctuates (depending in the regions, hemispheres, latitudes and longitudes zones) from hot, warm to cold weather temperatures.

These temperatures’ changes may have major to minor impact over the years. The effect of global warming as a whole is a myth, which in some circumstances, have been proven to be true over a period of years. The expansion of industrial development may be consider as one of these factors affecting the global warming index, but how much?

The study of situations presented in cases such as this, are address constantly depending on the situation. We are constantly face with challenges to improvement on technology where it can be applicable in the future to reduce the burden of unknown and applying Just-In-Time remedies to mitigate such situations. There have been cases reported about the thickness of the glaciers getting thinner after a period of time, but with heavy snow fall and temperatures falling below freezing points, the formation of more glaciers is naturally produce. Keeping the thickness to an average by conservation and less interference with outside world.

During a full moon, the eclipses are convex, and the temperature change is not as drastic. Slight appearance of the convex / concave of the eclipses can be viewed at early hours after mid-night. Partially covering portions of the moon at angles less or equal to 12° angle from the bottom at a perpendicular angle.

If you are lucky, you can see and observe these images. With a digital binoculars, readings may be downloaded to your computers as desire. The study of Astronomy continue to fascinate our understanding due these global warming.

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