JUPITER is the fifth planet from the SUN and found to be the largest of all. It’s diameter is 88,695 miles (142,800 Km), more than eleven times the diameter of the Earth. Jupiter is more than 1300 times the size of the earth.

Jupiter is one of the outer planets, which is the fifth furthest from the SUN. It is a huge ball made almost entirely of gas. Scientist based their idea of Jupiter structure on information from space probes. The outer planets are made up of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which are all found on the outer regions of the solar system. Except of the tiny, rocky Pluto, all of them are huge balls made up of entirely gases and are sometime called The Gas Giants.

The atmosphere’s top layer is broken into vast clouds by high winds. The layer is almost made of compressed hydrogen, that behaves like solid. It is 483 million miles away from SUN.

Jupiter consist of The Galilean Moons which are numerous in number but so far, 17 have been identified and known to the public, with more research been done to identify the relationship to astrophysics.

The orbiting distance of Jupiter to Earth is far more greater than that of the inner planets which are closer to Earth in relation to the SUN. The gravitational force on Jupiter is 24.79 m/s² (meter per second square) compared to that of earth which is a constant of 9.80 m/s². Creating a much greater stabilization in Jupiter as to that of Earth. Objects tends to be more stable in Jupiter with less wind effects and a visual geometric albedo of 0.52 providing a much clearer visibility.

The inner planets receives direct sunlight and condense reflection from the Sun due to the closeness to the sun. The radiation index is very low in Mercury which is the closest planet to the Sun causing the albedo to be at a minimal. With a higher albedo, the visibility is much clearer providing better visual conditions. Exceptions may occur due to high winds causing debris, remnants and polluted gases reducing visibility. Also the temperature may also reduce due to frozen conditions producing iced layers and the presences of frozen gases. Pollution can only be control by avoiding large amount of debris, maximizing on recycling and implementing adequate majors on numerous possibilities of elimination of high volume of trash. Introducing fresh grown nutritious products within precise packaging if needed.

Humans as well as objects tends to be more stable in environments such as Jupiter and most of the outer planets where the gravitational acceleration is more than doubled than that of Earth. The concerns astronomers may have observed, should be mostly related to the atmospheric pressures readings in some areas mostly with the outer planets.

Their ozone layers are much greater due to high level of residues, debris, remnants trash and emission gases of produce due to these high level of debris.

The temperature is very cold which is made up of ammonia ice, water ice and ammonia hydrosulfide caused by the gases present in the atmosphere.

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