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Aerospace and Astronautics (AeroAstro Corporation) is one of Aerospace and Defense industries which is widely known in doing business with major government contract agencies, developing and growing in both commercial and defense sectors, boosting the aerospace economic to a new height. The number of commercial airline planes have quadruple in the last decades, increasing the number of air transportation both locally and internationally. With this increase in commercial flyers, consumers have benefited from both reduction of ticket prices and lodging across the board. With substantial benefits, more catering businesses, both hotels and restaurants are looking forward in maintaining worthy affiliations in the transportation industry.

Fleet Services

It’s Aerospace Fleet services, strives to its excellence in reliabilities and capabilities in delivering its goods, these services are fully dependent on its logistic systems which are driven by the transportation industries. We all depend on the fleet services provided by these airborne vehicles, delivering goods from different locations in the world, continent(s) to continent(s) and making sure the departure and arrival times are met as scheduled. Fleet services such as UPS, FedEx and military services are working in collaboration AeroAstro Corporation, keeping up with the demand and supply such as military surveillance devices, exotic food groups / produce, fashion wears, electronics devices, driving the economic to different heights. These products are found in sophisticated stores/markets around the globe. It’s Electronic Division devices are carried by multi-corporations ranging from auto maker industries such as Toyota, Ford, BMW, Range Rovers to computer industries such as IBM, DELL, GOOGLE and APPLE to name a few. Serving the demands to meet the need of Armories such as helicopters and surveillance aircrafts to be transported from one port to another using ocean carriers and runway ships hovering the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Transportation Services

It’s global traveling and marketing are prominent from one end of the globe to the another, transversing longitudes and latitudes, and making stops to locations which were on heard of by those who may not have been aware of those places. The manufacturing industries have multiplied keeping up with demands from diversified groups, making sure that they are getting feedback from their affiliated businesses as well as to understand the effects of products and also performing case studies on products which may have had popular votes to be discontinued.
Their innovative genre is highly to meet our customers’ needs by all means while selling products from all spectrum and walks of live. Keeping up with productivity is one of their key components in todays’ market especially when it comes to investment markets.


Company Summary
Year 2014
Number of Shares 50M
Price Per Shares
Market Value
Number of Splits
Owner(s) AeroAstro Corporation 50M
Board of Directors Xiya Apricot 3000
Board of Directors Zeta Aldon 3000
Board of Directors Valerie Fotso